Solar Panels On Houses

Would you like to install solar panels on your house? Are you interested in generating your own clean green electricity to power your home? By generating your own electricity from renewable sources such as solar panels on your house you are powering your home for FREE! By installing solar panels on your house you can use the suns natural light energy in order to transmit into electrical energy to power appliances and lighting in your home! Through soley using the electricity you have generated yourself through renewable sources your electricity bills will be cut drastically. Imagine that no more large electricity bills just by installing solar panels on your house. By installing solar panels on your house you are also doing your bit for the environment, you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint and promote a clean, greener form of energy. Pollutant rich forms of energy have had their day now, these forms of energy are running out we can not guarantee they will always be there! With international relationships and the worlds economic fluctuations as they are we can not be certain these energy forms will always be available to us. Therefore it is a good idea to choose a more reliable and sustainable form of energy - Solar Power! Solar power is clean for the environment it does not release toxic gasses into the environment. Solar panels are green - They are fantastic for the environment! Solar panels are also renewable meaning they are not going to run out in the future, the sun will always be there! You do not necessary need sunny days for the solar panels on your home to generate electricity, all you need is sunlight! Even on cloudy overcast days the solar panels on your houses will still generate electricity as they need light in order to work.

Many people have decided to install solar panels on their houses, that generates free electricity to power their homes. Solar panels on houses have certainly increases in popularity over recent years, especially the flat style solar panel which is a common occurance upon the roofs of many houses accross the UK. Solar panels are the way forward, why pay through the roof for your electricity from an energy provider, when you can install solar panels on your roof that will generate free electricity from the sun to power your home instead. The Feed In Tarrif Scheme is a huge incentive when it comes to installing solar panels on your home. The Feed In Tariff Scheme (FIT's) was introduced by the UK Government in 2010, basically the tariff encourages people to use more renewable energy sources to power their home in order to help protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. The government is also aware that our current use of "dirty" energy resource has increased over the years, which releases toxic gasses into the environment these resources are also running low. The Government is also aware of our increase dependance of non renewable sources, we are having to rely on overseas imports which can be costly and uncertain with the worlds political and ecomonic state. 

Consequently to combat the issues of the UK over using non renewable forms of energy, the UK Government has introduced the feed in tariff scheme which is available for people who have installed solar panels on their home, a wind turbine or even using hydroenergy. The feed in tariff scheme pays those who generate their own electricity through renewable sources, it works by paying people per unit of energy their solar panels generate whether the energy is used or not. Under the Feed In Tarff Scheme there is also an additional premium payment if you choose to sell some of the energy your solar panels has generated.